Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the Commonly Asked Questions regarding SrtFly and it's service by many of our new users. We request new users to read this FAQ before using our services. :)

About SrtFly

What is SrtFly? is a free Link Shortening Service provider website, we provide fast speed and easy to use shortening service to our users.

How works?

SrtFly offers a service to users to shorten their long links and when someone clicks on their shortened links they see some ads before directing them to the destination page.
It's always free to create an account and use our services. :)


Frequently Asked Questions


Why should we use SrtFly over other link shorteners?


We provide hassle-free and fast link shortening service, that's why we are the fastest growing company in the market. :)

Why my views not counting?

Make sure you have registered on our website because Anonymous(unregistered) users can't get analytics, only registered can see analytics data. Below are some points to be noted:

What is the referral program and how does it work?

Using the referral program you can refer people from anywhere in the world. Once the user joins our website using your referral link you'll get an awesome reward from us. :)

To get started with the referral program navigate to the referral section from your account dashboard and you'll find your referral link there.


Faucet traffic accepted?

No, we don't accept faucet traffic.


General Rules

Can I click my own shorten links?

Yes, just for testing purposes, using this to spam will lead to your account ban and all the links removed.

Can I generate artificial clicks or ask some to click on my shorten links unwillingly?

No, you can't, each visitor must be unique and should literally want to visit the link to reach the destination page. You can't force people to just click on the links.

Can I place shorten links on iFrames or PupUps?

It's strictly prohibited to use SrtFly shorten the link on iFrames and in popups.